Feel the pain by producing a film - Director Pandiraj

Director Pandiraj after directing films like Pasanga and Vamsam is currently directing a film titled Marina. He while speaking said, " After the films Pasanga and Vamsam, I am now directing a film titled Marina. Again I am directing a film about kids.

The story of this film is about the children who sell channa, water packets, shells, tea and coffee in the Marina beach. For three months, I was roaming in the beach to know the reason that why these children are doing these businesses. Some of the kids are studying in the school and also doing this business.
There are 15 boys acting in this film. Apart from them Shiv Karthikeyan and Oviya are lovers. Chris is composing the music. I am producing this film. It is a big pain to emanate the funds everyday while going for the shooting. All the directors should produce a film and then only they will understand the pain of the producer. Next I will be directing a film which will have a popular hero in the lead role. The script is ready. But even if I direct the films that have big heroes, I will continue to make children films."

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