Vishal's 'Vedi' not for Deepavali
Vishal's next 'Vedi' will not hit the screens for Deepavali as expected. Instead, it would see the light of the day almost a month before the day of lights. This has been confirmed by none other than Vishal himself.

Talking to journalists in Chennai Saturday night, the actor said that the film would be released by the end of September. "Producer Vikram Krishna has been tirelessly working for Vedi's release this month," he said.

Prabhudeva, who had helmed the film, expressed confidence that it would work big time in the box office. "Though it is inspired by a Telugu movie ('Souryam'), we have made many changes to the screenplay," he said.

Throwing light on the storyline, the director said that 'Vedi' is about the protagonist's search for a particular thing. "What is he searching for and how his search comes to an end is the crux of the film," Prabhudeva added. Music composer Vijay Antony and heroine Sameera Reddy also spoke at the event.

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