Tamil film industry eyed for 'Visa Frauds' - Wikileaks

 The cable from Chennai Consulate sent on October 13, 2009 titled "India Biannual Fraud Update" now leaked by WikiLeaks has also focused a lot on the visa frauds in the name of performing troupes and according to it New Delhi, through which people from north India apply their visas, topped the list.

However, from south Tamil film industry had come under sharp focus of the US officials and they have dedicated a complete paragraph to detail the frauds being perpetrated through Tamil film industry.

The cable said "an investigation by the Chennai Fraud Prevention Unit (FPU) in 2008 uncovered a visa fraud racket through which famous Tamil film actors and industry associates assisted mala fide applicants to obtain B1/B2 visas, purportedly to scout movie locations.

"Over two hundred applicants applied for visas under this scheme, and 95 were issued. 38 of those applicants are confirmed overstays who are currently illegally present in the United States. FPU revoked the visas of 56 other individuals, mostly Tamil film stars and industry associates, for their direct role in this visa scheme," the cable on WikiLeaks said.

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