Sanhar's Nanban logo to beat 3-Idiots logo
Whatever happens in the camp of director Shankar’s film will be instant headlines and every one are keen to know the status updates of the film.

Nanban with the top young heroes of Kollywood has turned out to be no exception. The latest update flowing out of the 'Nanban' camp is that Shankar has come out with a creative image for his film. The image more or less looked like a logo for the film and this image which brings Vijay, Jeeva and Srikanth in a unique look will surely be a hit with the movie goers.

Vijay took the central position the image while Jeeva and Srikanth are on his either sides. All the three stars have adorned a crown and decked in jewellery all inclusive of the 'kundalas' (ear rings), necklaces and vanky (for their biceps). To showcase a modern look they were given in T-shirts. In fact Shankar is planning to beat out the Bollywood image where the lead stars were seen sitting in specially customized chairs.

So, this image will surely waves in the tinsel town and director Shankar’s plan of making it is simply brilliant according to the taste of Tamil audiences.

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