Difficult to title film in Tamil - Selvaraghavan

When asked Selvaraghavan that how is film was titled Mayakkam Enna, he said, " To tell the truth I did not get a title that suited the story. My whole brain was burning. Then one day while I was driving my car, I happened to listen to one of the Shivaji sir’s song. There I caught this title. It is very difficult to title a film in Tamil.

There is a question that whether Dhanush in this film is for the sake of the story or convenience. There is no convenience in this. In fact, if there is a debutant actor, he will not go anywhere.
You can extract the work as per our whims and fancies. But Dhanush is now a popular. I have to wait for his call sheet. Hence Dhanush is in this film for the sake of the story and not for convenience. The audience in the theatre should forget themselves in the story. That is important. There is no need of exotic locations or high budgets. It is enough if the story happens within the four walls. The film which is being made for commercial purposes will not succeed. My next film will have Arya and Anushka in the lead role."

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