Anushka and Bhumika to sizzle in Thulli Ezhunthathu Kadhal

Bhumika Chawla is a name which has almost been forgotten by the Tamil audience.  The actress, who has a flooring smile, debuted as heroine in the Tamil films with the romantic Rojakootam many years back.  Incidentally, the film also marked the entry of Srikanth in Kollywood.  Thanks to many amazing melodies in the film, Rojakootam was a huge success and ran for more than 100 days.
Bhumika & Anushka to sizzle in Thulli Ezhundhadu Kaadhal
She starred in many Telugu films too besides pairing up opposite Suriya in the emotional flick Sillunu Oru Kaadhal.  At the height of her popularity, though, she decided to marry her yoga instructor Bharat Thakur and settle into matrimony.  Making a comeback after marriage is always difficult if not impossible for an actress and it applies to a stunner like Bhumika too.

She produced the Telugu film Thakida Thakida and also played an important role of a college profession in the film.  The film, which had the lanky in the lead role, had been declared as a ‘hit’ film by the Telugu media.  For those Tamil viewers who are fans of both Anushka and Bhumika, here’s some good news.

Thakida Thakida is being dubbed in Tamil as Thulli Ezhundhadhu Kaadhal (TEK).  The film has Raja and Haripriya, a popular Kannada actress who has starred in Tamil and Telugu films.  Telugu superstar Nagarjuna plays a cameo in the film which has been directd by Srihari.

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