Ajith says 'Rajini is Dhronacharya and I am his Ekalaiva'

Comparing his relationship with Superstar Rajinikanth with that of Ekalaiva and Dhronacharya in the great epic Mahabharata, Ajith has said he had learnt many things from the numero uno actor of Tamil cinema by watching him from distance.

"I shaped up my career on the lines of Rajini sir. Like how there was no one to support him when he made his foray in the industry, I too didn't have anyone to back me up. But I got enough inspiration from the Superstar. He is my Dhronacharya and I am his Ekalaiva," said the 'Thala'.

Saying that he would like to dedicate the success of his 50th film 'Mankatha' to Rajini, Ajith said, "At the same time, I would like to personally express my gratitude to each member of the cast and crew, who gave nothing but their best to Mankatha."

On many young actors of Tamil film industry considering him as their role model, the star, who is currently busy shooting for 'Billa 2', said, "The mere word 'thanks' is not enough to express my feelings. Honestly speaking, I don't know how to react."

Meanwhile, when a leading daily quizzed him whether he will enter politics, Ajith expressed that he strongly feels each citizen should do their duty which is more then enough. Quoted the Thala, "I act, earn, pay taxes, do the little good I can, vote and take care of my family. I expect my fans will do the same. Leave politics to the Government, they'll take care. Its no good if everyone enters politics. We talk of corruption and bribery, but I strongly believe each Indian is responsible for this. How many of us follow basic things such as traffic rules in our lives? Lets do our duties, even that's as good as politics".

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