Ajith says 'CM Jayalalitha is like my Mom'

http://tamilomovie.com/images/DailyNewsPhotos/Ajith%20and%20Chief%20Minister%20Jayalalitha.jpgActor Ajith Kumar said that Chief Minister J Jayalalitha treated him as if he is her son. In a recent interview while speaking about the meeting with the Jayalalitha, he said, " I can never forget when Jayalalitha attended my marriage and showered her blessings on us. Shalini and I had been to Jayalalitha Amma’s Poes Garden residence. He showered her love as if I was her own son."

When asked Ajith that whether he was threatened by the ex Chief Minister M Karunanidhi for his out spoken speech in a film function, he said, "I am a person who believes in democracy. I will give great respect to all the political leaders. I spoke my views very frankly in that function. There was no other intention. My beloved ex Chief Minister also came in person to my marriage and showered his blessings. This will always be in my heart."

Moreover while speaking, he said, " I am aged 40 years now. I don’t know whether I will live for another 20 years. A person’s identity is that how he lives. The amount of people who gather for a person’s funeral will determine that how the person has lived. People who gather for my funeral will show the whole world that who Ajith Kumar is."

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